Shrimp are widespread and abundant. There are thousands of species adapted to a wide range of habitats. They can be found feeding near the seafloor on most coasts and estuaries, as well as in rivers and lakes. To escape predators, some species flip off the seafloor and dive into the sediment. They usually live from one to seven years. Shrimp are often solitary, though they can form large schools during the spawning season.


Head-on Shrimp- Untouched shrimp that have their complete shells with the head on. Great for boiling.

Headless Shrimp- Shrimp with the head removed  but have their complete shell. Great for boiling and grilling.

Peeled and Deveined Tail On Shrimp- Shrimp with the shell removed from the upper body along with the sand vein, but the last segment of shell and tail fins remain attached. Perfect for pasta dishes or frying.

Peeled and Deveined Shrimp- Shrimp with all segments of the shell removed along with the sand vein. Great for pasta dishes, frying, and salads.

Peeled Un-Deveined Shrimp- Similar to peeled and deveined as the shell is completely removed but the sand vein remains in the shrimp. Great for frying and sautéeing.

EZ Peel Shrimp- Shrimp with the head removed but still have their shell. The shell is split in half creating a shrimp that extremely easy to peel.


Individually Quick Frozen- A method of freezing that locks in the freshness in a matter of seconds and freezes the shrimp individually giving the consumer the convenience of being able to defrost the shrimp in portions. DoRan Seafood has two IQF tunnels to accommodate different types of production runs with the capability to pack the shrimp at custom weights and in branded packaging.

Block Frozen- A method of freezing perfect for wholesalers, distributors, and restaurants, block frozen is a compact way to store and ship shrimp. It offers an exceptional shelf life and is a great way to seal in the flavor of our wild caught, American shrimp. We pack these in 1 and 5 lb. packages. But as with everything else, we offer great diversity in the matter of which we can package shrimp in order to fill our customers’ needs.


We work with the best partner imaginable, Mother Nature.

She provides us with an ample supply of beautiful wild caught shrimp in many different sizes. We take what she provides, sort it, clean it, and package it for our customers all over the world. Our shrimp start at under 9 count per pound and can go all the way up to 200 count.