Catfish in the United States are called Channel Catfish. It is less flaky than other whitefish varieties and boasts a distinctive taste. Fisherman look near the bottom of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams for Catfish. Furthermore, Catfish bite year-round making it available anytime.


Whole Catfish- Catfish just as it comes from the water. The entire fish is intact.

Filleted Catfish- Only the meat on the inside of the catfish. Every catfish has two fillets.

Collarbone Catfish- Catfish with the guts, skin, and head removed, but have the fillets and tail intact.


Individually Quick Frozen- A method of freezing that locks in the freshness in a matter of seconds and freezes the catfish individually giving the consumer the convenience of being able to defrost the shrimp in portions. DoRan Seafood has two IQF tunnels to accommodate different types of production runs with the capability to pack the catfish at custom weights and in branded packaging.


We work with the best partner imaginable, Mother Nature.

She provides us with an ample supply of beautiful wild caught catfish in many different sizes. We take what she provides, sort it, clean it, and package it for our customers all over the world. Our catfish start at under 3 ounces per fillet and go all the way up to 9 ounces.